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So... let's have another

Another article, that is.

Not that it will be a lot of article, but I need these things to test my theme under development.

At least I got the contact form working today – it didn’t at first as a result of a weird collision of three causes: a new domain that had not fully propagated yet, wrong DNS definitions that caused it to propagate only partially, and configuration of the mail server that caused it not to know my email is actually hosted at Gmail, so it wanted to deliver my mail locally – where the email address did not exist.

So now you know.

The contact form works now — and the contact page has some links as well so you’ll know where to find me. At least it’s a start.

Also, this article will not be “posted in” any category so I can test that dratted “Posted in [space].” line: it shouldn’t appear when there’s no category to display!

Posted by Marjolein Katsma - 2011-04-30 21:19.

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