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I’m all over the place, practically

There are many places to find me. And see what I do, or did, or care about. Many of those places have ways to contact me, too, though I’m not equally active everywhere. You could try some of these:


  • that background is a photo I made in India!


  • Photoshelter still a work in progress but to be my main photography hub
  • RedBubble you can actually buy prints of some of my work here – from postcard to canvases!
  • SmugMug needs work…
  • Flickr the photographs here are released under a Creative Commons license except where explicitly stated otherwise

Social media

  • my main hangout to talk with like-minded people
  • Twitter all my notices in also go to Twitter, but I’m not very active there; if you want to talk, you’d better join!

Not good enough?

You could use the form below to send me an email.

Knock knock — does this thing work? As it happens, yes, it actually works now!